Legionella Risk Assessment
The Legionella Risk Assessment Report
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Legionella Risk Assessment

Ecosafe offers personalised, site specific Legionella Risk Assessments to meet the requirements of individual facilities.

The Ecosafe Legionella Risk Assessment includes a holistic approach to all on site water systems (assessment from water source to possible points of contamination). All risks are assessed and evaluated according to a well established Risk Profiling Matrix. The assessment is entirely independent, however, includes insight into what should be expected from third parties, who may have vested interests in the outcomes of the assessment. In order to achieve this, comprehensive interaction between Ecosafe, site, and all relevant third parties is required in order to establish factual reporting.

Following the presentation of the Risk Assessment Report, a bespoke site Legionella Management Plan is provided, to allow site to manage all the risks identified within the report. The option is also available for Ecosafe to undertake the management on site, coordinating all third party contractors and specific site responsibilities, ensuring legal compliance and peace of mind.

The Legionella Risk Assessment Report

The basis of the site specific Legionella Risk Assessment includes the following:

  • Executive Summary – Summary of Site Findings
  • Matters of Evident Concern – All “out of spec” findings outlined per system (i.e. require urgent attention to reduce associated risks)
  • Contact Information – Formal delegation of duties surrounding Legionella control
  • Scope of Assessment – Systems included in survey & outline of susceptible population
  • Survey Assessment Criteria – Overview of parameters against which each system was assessed
  • Site Microbiological Profile – Results from bacteriological survey including Legionella and Potable results (if required)
  • Evaluation / Recommendations – Outlined for each system
  • Implementation Plans – Outlined for Management as well as each system
  • Defect Action Log – Outlined for each system assessed and presented in a format which enables site to systematically address each and every identified defect
  • General Information – Overview of general information pertaining to dynamics of Legionella

Other Services

  • Legionella Risk Assessment Generation
  • Includes Site Specific Legionella Management Plans
  • Site Specific Legionella Code of Practice, SOPs, Work Instructions and Field Data logging sheets.
  • Legionella Monitoring & Control (microbiological monitoring)
  • System Specific Assessments & Recommendations
  • Routine Management Reports
  • Interactive Management Approach – Supply Consultation on all Issues Related to Effective Legionella Management
  • Legionella Management Systems – Generation of site specific Legionella Management program recording system (Legionella Logbook / Dedicated Eletronic Recording System)
  • Training of personnel on Effective Logbook use.
  • Legionella Awareness Training
  • Legionella Management Training Course
  • Potable Water Hygiene Risk Assessments
  • Potable Water Hygiene Management Plans
  • Potable Water Quality Monitoring
  • Facility Assessment to quantify water use
  • Water usage reduction plans / Water Efficiency Management
  • Recycled Water Management Plans
  • Water Storage Tanks Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Legionella Management information and communication Technology Systems / Software
  • Environmental Hygiene Management information and communication Technology Systems / software